DTLA: Mercedes-Benz SLS & BMW i8 For 2Crave

Los Angeles, CA

Downtown Los Angeles in the Mercedes – Benz SLS & BMW i8

To announce our newest styles in our Mach Series, we mounted a BMW i8 with 22 inch wheels with a brand new width of 10.5 inches (previously only reached 9.5 inches) to give virtually any car an aggressive wide looking wheel that is sure to hug the road for those that enjoy handling and speed. The Mercedes-Benz SLS is mounted with our newest sub-division of Mach, The Mach Track Series. The wheel represents superior craftsmanship giving it a higher load rating all the while maintaining it’s original low weight, a fact many have come to expect from our Mach series.

  • The i8 has on the ME. 10 in Glossy Black / Machined Face in 22×9.0 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear
  • The Mercedes – Benz SLS AMG has on the MT. 2 in Gunmetal Gray in 20×8.5 in the front and 20×10.0 in the rear

BMW i8 // ME. 10

Our BMW i8 mounted with a staggered fitment, bolstering a
22×9.0 wheels in the front & 22×10.5 in the rear. The ME. 10’s
simple multi-spoke look blends in well with the i8’s conceptual design.

Sizing availability


  • Multiple Finishes Available
  • Glossy Black / Machined Face
  • Hypersilver / Machined Face
  • Various Sizing & Staggered Fitments Available
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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG // MT. 2

Our Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG mounted with the MT. 2 in 20×8.5 in the front and 20×10.0 in the rear. This classic aggressive “track inspired” look contours nicely with the overall sleek simplicity of the design and construction of the SLS.




  • Available in Various Sizes & Finishes
  • Satin Black / Machined Face
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Platinum Silver / Diamond Cut Face
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